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2019 Reflection

January 2nd 2020, already? The past few weeks flew by in a blink of an eye! Between work, holidays, fundraising, spending time with family and friends, woah! 

As the new year approaches, a lot of people tend to reflect on their past year and all the good things that happened to them. A few of my fellow race teammates have shared how they reflected on not just the positive but also the negative habits and changes that 2019 brought them. I decided to take the same approach and do this as well. After all, the goal is to better myself rather than change completely who I am! 

2019 was full of lots of wonderful memories. — I was able to make the most of my last semester of college with a great group of friends. I celebrated birthdays, attended amazing sisterhoods, lost my voice at rugby matches, and the best of all was able to reconnect with my faith by joining a greek bible group on campus. I graduated from Susquehanna University earning a B.S in Early Childhood Education. Soon after, I landed a job in my hometown, Danville, Co-teaching in a Pre-K classroom. Also, being welcomed with the most amazing staff. I moved out of my parents house and joined the adulting world of paying bills on my own apartment! 

Although there were lots of laughs and smiles, those negative habits also crept in there. One of those habits being procrastination. I started to become a queen at putting things off until the last minute. I did get the job done but that wasn’t how I was or how I would’ve liked things to be. I started to become lazier with things. One of those being, taking naps more than I should’ve or sleeping in a few extra minutes instead of doing something else. Shutting people out also became something more common. I lost relationships with both family and friends. I also always put others first or became too much of a people pleaser, without thinking about my own self-care/love. 

It has really been eye opening to take this route in reflection looking at 2019 positively and with the negative ways. I am excited for 2020, as this will be my year of personal growth and healing. I have learned a lot already and I will continue to learn and now with the help of the Lord.