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First of Many


Welcome to my World Race Blog! For one of my first posts, I would like to share some general information before moving forward. 

In October 2020, I will begin the World Race adventure. For 11 months I will be traveling to 11 different countries serving as part as a missionary team. The countries I will be traveling to are Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia. This will lead me up until September 2021. 

This blog will be used before, during and after my trip. My intent for this blog is to share photos, stories and lessons during this time while serving the Lord. This blog can also be used to donate to my trip. 

I would like to invite you to come along on this journey with me. While this journey will be full of emotions,  I promise to stay true to myself and you. I promise to be honest and open about all the good and bad during this trip. So please join me as my story unfolds, and I allow God to lead my life in serving His people around the world with my heart, hands, feet and word as I prepare for this journey. 

I want to thank everyone in advance for the constant love and support I have received thus far.